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Another Month, Another Craptastic Box from 12Society

Box three from 12Society box arrived !

What is 12Society ? It’s a monthly “Box of Crap“ subscription service.  For your $39 you are supposed to get at least $125 worth of items. I originally found out about 12Society on Reddit’s shutupandtakemymoney subreddit. This is my review and breakdown of my third box.

First the picture of the craptastic goods :

This month is a HUGE disappointment… I used the word “craptastic” because this box is complete disappointment… The box is supposed to be worth $125… If I were one of the “celebrities” involved with this company I would be ashamed and embarrassed ! I’m not even going to bother commenting on the items for the most part, I’m just going to post the description that each celebrity wrote about the items in the accompanying booklet… That will provide entertainment value enough…

Pop Phone – $11.88

“Even though I’m always on the run, I make it a point to stay connected to the people in my life. I’m constantly on my cell, whether it’s checking in with my family, talking to friends, or taking care of business. The problem I always used to have though, was actually finding a place that was quiet enough to have a conversation on the go.  That is, until I started using the Pop Phone. This thing is incredible! I can plug it into my cell phone, and get the clarity and comfort of a landline anywhere with cell phone reception. The best part is, no more dropping calls from accidentally hitting the hang up button on a though screen!  Talk away, my friends”  – Nick Cannon

Happy Socks  – $12

”There are a lot of ways to complete and outfit, but when it comes to clothing, there’s nothing like a pair of awesome socks. Few clothing items add as much subtle character and nuanced personality. That’s why this month I am including my favorite and most versatile pair – Happy Socks.  These are stylish, comfortable, and literally fit any type of outfit, no matter how dressed up or casual. I’m known for spreading the love, so here is a little piece of Happiness.” – Kevin Love

12Society T-Shirt – $??

(Advertising for their company) This is seriously the thinnest weight shirt ever, you can see through it.

“Before I hit the stage, I take time to choose my outfits. Without looking great, I know I won’t be great. At the end of July, I performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing a personalized 12Society t-shirt that I designed specifically for the show. It was the night that my new album, Life Is Good, hit #1 on the Billboard charts so it was definitely a very special performance. Ever since then, people have been asking me where they could get the shirt – well here it is, a special gift for all of you 12Society Members.  Thanks for being part of the journey – it will only get better”  – Nasir Jones

Five Four T-Shirt– $??

(Advertising for their company) I’m going to go ahead and assume that this is another”subscription box” by the same company that does the 12Society boxes. The T-Shirt is exactly the same as the 12Society shirt above.

”Whenever someone asks me what’s in my wardrobe, my response is always the same: Five Four. I love everything about this company, from the shirts to the hats to jackets to literally everything else. I’ve been wearing their gear since the company began and have been able to watch them grow. I have a lot of friends around the NFL hooked on this brand too, and I’m very happy to make this my 12Society pick for the month.  This is a t-shirt that you wont find anywhere else, and truly a 12Society exclusive. If you already own clothing from these guys, you know exactly why I love this brand and if this is your first time, welcome to Five Four!” -Michael Strahan

Malin + Goetz Rum Soap  $10 – Quite Possibly the only decent item in the box…

What Tim Lincecum had to say about his choice : “Despite what some people say, baseball is a hard sport and greatness is built on blood, sweat and tears. A dirty uniform is a good sign that you gave it all out on the field. But after the game, it’s time to get fresh and clean.  Check out this awesome Malin + Goetz Rum Bar Soap – it smells great, it’s good for the skin, and it’s a great way to get refreshed before a night out.  Game on.“


At this point I have to seriously consider whether or not to continue my subscription to 12Society. Perhaps I’m not the target demographic. They state that the value of the box will be $125 minimum value… This box is no where near that number, hell it doesn’t even hit the $39 cost of the box ! 


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