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12Society Box #2 – Rundown and Pricing / Value

My second 12Society box arrived !

What is 12Society ? It’s a monthly “Box of Crap“ subscription service.  For your $39 you are supposed to get at least $125 worth of items. I originally found out about 12Society on Reddit’s shutupandtakemymoney subreddit. This is my review and breakdown of my second box.

First the picture of the goods :

Here is the rundown (I will link to the items on Amazon and, as that’s where I do 90% of my shopping. I picked the lowest price + shipping) :

Tempo Battery Free Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone 4 and 4s – Red     $7.00  –  An interesting idea and it does really work… The only problem is you have to remove your iPhone from it’s case to use it… I will probably give it away.

 2 iOS Apps – Scrable for iPhone & FIFA Soccer 12 – for iPad  –  $1.99 & $9.99 (Respectively)  –  I will use the Scrabble app; I already have it’s iPad companion app.  The FIFA Soccer App I have no interest in.

Cheap Plastic Sunglasses  –  99c (at your local 99c store…)  –  The cheap plastic sunglasses were a huge letdown. These are 99c store garbage in my opinion.  The only markings on them is “351 Made in China”. Update: I finally found the exact Sunglasses on amazon for  $12.97  – Wayfarer Fashion Sunglasses 351BKRDPB  –  I will adjust the total.

Energy Sheets – 10 pack  Qty 2  –  $11.96  –  An interesting product I will put one box in the car for long trips. So they will get used.

Creative Recreation Men’s Cesario Lo XVI Sneaker – Color = Orion  –  $50.00  –  The sneakers are totally not my style. They will be given away… Provided I have a friend with size 13 feet that wants them (They did tailor this to my shoe size)… They are getting very positive reviews on Amazon, though.

Total “real world” value of the box = $81.83 $93.81

All in all a pretty poor showing for 12Society in it’s sophomore month… That said I will probably be sticking around for another month.  I’ll post the next box too…. for science !


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