12Society Box

03 Jul

Well, my 12Society box arrived !

What is 12Society ? It’s a monthly “Box of Crap“ subscription service.  For your $39 you are supposed to get at least $125 worth of items.

First the picture of the goods :


Here is the rundown (I will link to the items on Amazon, as that’s where I do 90% of my shopping. I picked the lowest price + shipping) :

MANGROOMER Essential Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer     $11.99

American Crew Shave – Moisturizing Shave Cream – 5.1 oz     $11.56

American Crew Military Edition Post Shave Cooling Lotion 4.23 oz     $19.99

Tapatio Hot Sauce – 5oz     99c (at your local 99c store…)

Griffin TotalGuard Screen Protector for iPhone 4/4s – 3 pack     $12.72

Griffin Reveal Case for iPhone 4S – Black     $11.25

Griffin Reveal Case for iPhone 4S – White     $11.25

Griffin MicroStand    $5 (I couldn’t find pricing for these. $5 seems like a standard price point.)

RumbaTime VanDam GO Watch – Color: Snow – Size:Medium          $31.49

Incase EC30006S Reflex On Ear Headphones – Ash/Fluro Pink     $71.00

All in all not too bad. I will ”tree gift“ (see footnote) the shaving products since I already use Art of Shaving products.  Tapatio will be consumed.  I will be tree-gifting the Mangroomer too… I already have a beard trimmer with one of those “Tuskee” trimmers.  The iPhone cases together with the MicroStand will be a “tree gift”.  I will save the Screen Protectors in case mine needs to be replaced.  The RumbaTime watch will also end up under the tree.  And finally the jewel of the box, the Incase Headphones are really nice.  I will be keeping and using those.

Total “real world” value of the box = $187.24

All in all, I would say that the 12Society Box was worth it.  I will be sticking around for another month.  I’ll post the next box too.

*”Tree Gift” – AKA White Elephant Party Gift – Every year we throw a christmas party. Everyone that attends must bring a gift with a value of at least $15-$20 (can be slightly more). We then throw all the gifts under the tree. Everyone draws 2 strips of paper from a container – each slip has a number and possibly a physical challenge written upon it (There is one challenge every 4 or 5 numbers). We then go in order performing the challenge, if applicable, then taking a gift from the tree (and unwrap it) or stealing one from another person. If your gift gets stolen, you get to go back to the tree to pick another. And so it goes.

I provide enough gifts for everyone to go to the tree a second time… So I don’t sweat getting some items that I don’t necessarily need or want… But others might. I buy items throughout the year for the game as stuff goes on sale and as I see it.

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